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Hello! I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Body Code Practitioner and energy intuitive living in the Pacific Northwest.  Through my practice, I offer a holistic approach to finding balance and well-being when it comes to one's mind, body and spirit. 

I integrate a range of energy healing modalities to help remove imbalances and restore oneself to a healthier state of being. I believe in the power of alternative energy healing and the ability to restore, rebalance and recharge the mind, body and spirit. I strive to align clients and promote well-being in order to reach optimal health within and without.

Prior to launching Intuitive Healing with Janice, LLC, I have had many great experiences with clients (people and animals). These sessions led to wonderful, positive outcomes. These are just a few of the results I have been privileged to be a part of...


  • After one Reiki session, a horse in South Africa who became more alert, respondent and energetic after showing signs of being depressed & nonrespondent

  • A couple who conceived after multiple Reiki sessions with them both

  • One horse that overcame a chronic cough within 24-48 hours of completing a Distant Reiki session and another that was able to be haltered due to being headshy and not trusting people

  • Speeding up the recovery time of multiple individuals who have undergone surgeries ranging from hip replacements to knee replacements and other major surgeries 

  • Helping to relieve individuals of discomfort associated with surgery, cancer, illness and other ailments

I truly believe that whether it be Reiki, The Emotion/Body Code, a Chakra Reading & Balancing or other energy healing technique, individuals and animals can experience the optimal health & well-being by restoring, rebalancing and recharging their energy body. 

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