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Thank you for allowing me to be your practitioner and sharing energy healing techniques that bring balance to the mind, body and spirit. My hope is that your experience whether it be The Emotion& Body Code®, Reiki, and/or Chakra Reading & Balancing was positive and met your expectations.

Please take a few moments and complete the following Feedback & Testimonial form so I can better serve you and future clients. I appreciate positive feedback & tesimonials that can be used to help others understand the energy healing techniques I have to offer and how they can benefit from working with me as their practitioner. 


With your permission, I would like to use your testimonial on my website, Intuitive Healing with Janice, along with promotional emails, text and mailings. In order to keep your personal information confidential, I will only use FIRST name or initials and location (e.g.: Janice, Burlington, WA or J.S. Burlington, WA).

Thank you so much for your time! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 


Intuitive Healing with Janice

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No resultsSome results, not a huge differenceGood results, starting to feel a differenceGreat results, still need some workOutstanding results, have never felt better!
If specific issues or goals were addressed, how do you feel now?
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Would you recommend Intuitive Healing with Janice, LLC, and the energy healing techniques I have to offer to others?

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