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The Emotion & Body Code

I use a form of energy work called The Emotion Code, where I help people and animals literally get rid of their emotional baggage.  The technique works to identify and release trapped emotions, which are emotional energies from negative past events. Trapped emotions can cause sadness, anxiousness, block people from feeling love & happiness, and make them feel disconnected from others.


Because trapped emotions are made of energy, just like the rest of the body, they exert an influence on the physical tissues, and can cause acute soreness and even more serious issues. They can slow down the body’s healing time, make you feel older, cause fatigue and break down the body’s organs, glands, joints and tissues.Releasing trapped emotions make conditions right for the body to heal itself physically, and emotional difficulties often disappear or become much easier to handle. The goal is to bring the physical body back to homeostasis. 

Everybody has trapped emotions including children and animals. These emotions are emotional energies (vibration) that is always present until they are released.  They are about the size of an adult clenched fist. They will usually originate within an organ or gland and then most of the time move to another area where they will then become trapped. These trapped emotions can be located just about anywhere from a foot to an arm to a tooth. Once a trapped emotion is released, it is gone forever! But, newly trapped emotions can develop from this point moving forward. 

In addition to The Emotion Code, I also incorporate The Body Code, an energy healing technique, which is used to easily locate and decode imbalances within the body along with trapped emotions. I use both of these techniques along with muscle testing (kinesiology) and my intuitive ability to identify which energy needs to be released to bring the body back into homeostasis (balance). Restoring the balance of energy within the body helps to create a place where natural healing can begin. 

The body knows what it needs on a physical and emotional level. But, it is also important to note what role the subconscious and the conscious mind play in energy healing. The subconscious mind will make up 95% of the mind and the information that it holds. The subconscious mind also influences the conscious mind along with controling food digestion, heart rate and trapped emotions. The role of the conscious mind is to help with daily thinking and decision making. 


Both The Emotion Code and The Body Code use muscle testing (kinesiology) to connect with the subconscious mind. Also, they both are non-invasive, use magnetic healing to release trapped emotions and imbalances and can be done in person or at a distance. 


Dr. Bradley Nelson DC (ret.)

Dr. Bradley Nelson, DC (ret.) is the developer of the most advanced form of energy medicine on the planet. A holistic Chiropractor and Medical Intuitive, Dr. Nelson is one of the world's foremost experts in the emerging field of Bioenergetic Medicine.

His bestselling book, The Emotion Code, has been shown to help people all over the world rid themselves of their imbalanced emotional baggage. Many users of The Emotion Code™ technique have reported finding freedom from emotional problems such as sadness, anxiousness, and fear, as well as physical problems including fatigue, discomfort, and disease. A key element of The Emotion Code™ is removing emotional baggage that may be clustered around the heart, interfering with one's ability to find love and success. Dr. Nelson has coined this cluster of emotions as the "Heart-Wall," and it has been called "the most important discovery in the history of energy medicine."

Dr. Nelson graduated with honors from Life Chiropractic College West in San Lorenzo, California, in 1988. As a practicing holistic Chiropractor, Dr. Nelson specialized in helping those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, and successfully helped patients from across the United States and Canada until his retirement from active practice in 2004. Since 1995, Dr. Nelson has lectured internationally on alleviating chronic and "incurable" diseases through energy work, and restoring balance to the 6 key elements of health in the body. In 2009, he channeled his life's work into a simple yet powerful self-study course known as The Body Code system, which is designed to teach students how to balance the body in these 6 key areas. The Body Code is being used successfully by doctors and laypeople alike to improve the health of thousands of people all over the world. 

Dr. Nelson is an acclaimed and popular speaker on the international seminar circuit and now travels to many countries around the globe, teaching The Emotion Code™ Seminar. He has been a guest on countless radio and television shows, and has presented his very timely message to millions around the world. 

Dr. Nelson and his staff operate a network of certified Emotion Code and Body Code practitioners that spans the globe. Since all of Dr. Nelson's methods can be done at a distance, most of these practitioners have reported finding new freedom and abundance in their own lives by working with clients over the phone or internet.

Dr. Brad says, "My goal is to provide the knowledge that will help empower you to become an energy practitioner. I believe this is your birthright: to know how to help yourself and your loved ones to shed their emotional baggage and their Heart-Walls, that all might live up to their full potential."

"I have created for the expressed purpose of making these powerful techniques available to everyone."

Dr. Nelson and his wife, Jean, are the parents of 7 children and live in beautiful Southern Utah.

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