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My name is Janice Sestrap and I am so excited to be able to have this opportunity to walk this path of releasing, relaxing and recharging with you! You may have found my website by "accident", but, I truly believe there are no accidents and only opportunities for our paths to cross with each other when it is the right time and place.  I look forward to getting to know you, learning about your journey and assisting you as you travel down the path to naturally restoring  your mind, body and spirit!

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My Story

A little bit about me..

I grew up in Burlington, WA, where I loved riding my horse & participating in 4-H, playing outside, caring for my animals, and hanging out with friends. After high school graduation, I went to work as a Sign Maker for a local grocery store corporation before marrying and moving away from home as an USMC spouse. Over time, I realized that I just love to learn, so I found myself enrolling in a community college where I received my Associates in Office Technology and Accounting. Years later, I went back to college to become a Certified Medical Assistant. I have worked in oncology, orthopedics and day surgery where I worked as a Sterilization & Surgical Tech. My background in healthcare has helped me to understand the human body and how it operates. This I believe has only benefited me more within my practice of energy healing. 

As long as I can remember, I have been intuitive and have had a special connection to God, Spirit, Universal Life Force or Source. Really the name is of little importance as, I believe, we are of I AM and I AM is of us. I am intuitively and spiritually connected on a daily basis as I have a routine of self-Reiki, meditating and automatic writing. Through this daily morning ritual that I have, I've been blessed and grateful to have a personal relationship with my A-Team (spirit guides, angels, divine beings & loved ones). I believe it is "them" that have helped me to find my true authentic self and my gift to help others in the ways I know how.

​In early 2018, as I was doing some online research, I came upon an energy healing modality called Reiki. I became a Level 1 Reiki Practitioner in March 2018, and Level 2 Advanced Reiki Practitioner in April 2019, and went on to complete a certification course for Animal Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho in September 2019. Five years later and almost to the day from when I started this journey, I became a Reiki Master Teacher (Level 3). As I learn and grow each day with Reiki, I also know that Reiki is not all there is when it comes to energy, healing and tools. In 2022, I became a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and as of April 2024, a Certified Body Code Practitioner! I am always stretching myself and learning new modalities that I can use and offer to my clients. ​


I look forward to getting to know you, learn about your journey and assist you as you travel down the path of restoring your mind, body and spirit to its natural state!

Featured in MysticMag

August 2023

A wonderful opportunity was presented to me to be featured alongside many other talented individuals within the metaphysical, holistic health & wellness and spiritual fields. Please click the link below to read my interview with Petar Vojinovic:


Reiki Healing Association

Member of the Week
Aug 2023

"Janice is the founder of Intuitive Healing with Janice. She will be featured on the Reiki Healing Association site all this week. Click below to visit Janice's profile on the Reiki Healing Association site. Keep up the amazing work, Janice!"

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