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Background and Training

I have been practicing Reiki since 2018. I am currently certified and registered as a level II Reiki Practitioner with the International Association of Reiki Professionals, International Reiki Association and Reiki Healing Association. I am finishing up my certification to become a level III Reiki Master Teacher within this next year. I also am a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner as of this year, October 2022. My previous training and experience outside of the energy healing arts includes being a Certified Medical Assistant, registered Dental Assistant and registered Sterilization and Surgical Tech. I have worked in audiology, day surgery, orthopedics, oncology, and pediatric dentistry.  




Reiki can be used for general wellness, stress reduction, relaxation, tension, discomfort, as well as other specific issues. Reiki works by assisting to reduce stress, which in turn may create an environment within your body where healing may be more easily facilitated. During my sessions with both people and animals, I have had great results working with problems related to excess tension and discomfort. In addition, Reiki may be effective with clients who suffer from chronic headaches, insomnia, and fatigue. 


Reiki can be used as a complementary tool that works well with certain medical conditions (e.g., high blood pressure, anxiety, stress) on the recommendation of a physician or other health care provider. It should never be a replacement for traditional medical treatment but can work well in hospital and medical care settings along side traditional medicine. 


Emotion Code


The Emotion Code® is an energy healing and balancing modality that releases emotional wounds, blocks, and emotional baggage that both people and animals can carry. This technique can uncover root causes of discomfort and issues that are within the body. 


Releasing trapped emotions make conditions proper for the client’s body to heal. They will begin to find that both physical and emotional issues will become much more manageable and/or disappear. 


Practitioner and Client Expectations


At this time, I am not practicing in-person sessions for either Reiki or The Emotion Code®. All of the sessions are done at distance through Zoom video call with client or remote with no face time. The client will receive the same results no matter if they choose to participate online or not. I encourage first-time clients to schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation with session for our first meeting, so we can briefly go over the Client Intake Form and answer any questions. This will be beneficial for both the client and me as we move forward with additional sessions. 


Keep in mind that privacy and confidentiality are high priority and maintained at all times. I do have a Standard of Ethics that can be found on my website at

During a Reiki session, I will complete the standard Reiki hand positions. If the client indicates either in the consultation or at the beginning of a session that they wish for me to pay closer attention to a particular injury or issue, I will also concentrate on that area as well during the session. I ask that the client stay relaxed and if there is anything that is making them uncomfortable (physically or psychologically) to please inform me during the session as soon as it happens. I normally will not be talking during the session, only once it is complete and I collect feedback from the client. 


During The Emotion Code® session, I will identify trapped emotions by using specific questions and muscle testing (kinesiology). Muscle testing is a process of asking the client’s subconscious “yes” or “no” questions that help to determine which trapped emotions need to be cleared. Once the trapped emotion has been brought into the client’s consciousness, it can then be released. The client may begin to experience a feeling or memory when the trapped emotion has been identified. As the practitioner, I will use a magnet or my hand to release the trapped emotion by running the magnet or my hand down my Governing Meridian (forehead to back of neck). Client can ask to work on specific issues or goals for a session. A session will be 30 minutes and within that time frame, an average of 10 emotions can be released. As the client just relaxes, I will be doing the work uncovering emotions can be absorbed, common, heart-wall, inherited, preconception, prenatal and/or shared. Once cleared and released, those specific trapped emotions will be gone forever. 


I do reserve the right to refrain from working with a client who is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or substances. I also will not tolerate any sexual harassment or harassment of any kind during the session. If at any time I feel as if I am exposed to any of the above situations, I will stop the session immediately. My goal is to have a safe environment and a relaxing session for the client and myself. 




  • I have a choice of sessions that are 30, 45 and 60-minutes in length

  • At this time, I have two energy healing techniques available: Reiki and The Emotion Code®

  • I do encourage first-time clients to schedule the FREE 30-minute consultation with session (Reiki or The Emotion Code®)

  • If a client is late for a session online, the session will still fall within the allotted time slot that was originally scheduled

  • If I am late for the online session; the session will last the length of time that was originally scheduled, or the next session be at no charge.

  • If the client wishes to cancel the session, they must do so 24 hours prior to the scheduled time in order to receive a refund if it is a single session (packaged and/or bundled sessions are not included)

  • If I need to cancel a session, I will do so no less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time; whenever possible

  • All scheduled sessions occur at a distance online via Zoom video call or remote with no face time on scheduled day

  • My hours of operation are Tue – Fri, from 10 am to 3 pm, and Saturday, from 12 noon to 4 pm

  • I will do my best to return calls or messages within 24 hours of receiving them



  • Again, I encourage first-time clients to schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation and session (Reiki or The Emotion Code®) with me

  • Distant Reiki sessions (person or animal) range from $60 to $120

  • Remote Reiki sessions (no face time) range from $50 to $100

  • Distant Emotion Code® sessions (person or animal) are $60

  • Remote Emotion Code® sessions (no face time) are $50

  • Payment is due at the time of scheduling the session - no refunds

  • I accept the following payment: Apple Pay, PayPal, debit/credit, and gift cards that have been purchased through my site, © Intuitive Healing with Janice 

  • I do not bill clients or provide direct billing for insurance


  • For clients who have financial constraints, I am more than happy to discuss this and see if a sliding fee scale may be an option




  • My profession of energy healing abides by a standard of ethical behavior. I follow all of the statements that are listed on the Standard of Ethics that can be found at

  • Personal and professional boundaries are respected at all times

  • I perform services for which I am qualified (professionally, physically, mentally, and emotionally) and able to do

  • I refer to the appropriate professionals and specialists when work is not within my scope of practice or not in the client’s best interest

  • I do customize my sessions to meet the client’s needs

  • I keep accurate records and review changes prior to each session

  • I respect all clients regardless of age, gender, race, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, body type, political affiliation, state of health, and personal habits


Refund Policy


If a client is not satisfied or happy with a session (Reiki, The Emotion Code®, and/or Chakra Reading & Balancing), there will be no refund of money, but will receive a complimentary session for him/herself.

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