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Client Testimonials

N.M., Camano Island, WA

"I am delighted to share my incredible experience with Janice and the transformative results I've achieved through her expertise in the Body Code. During my initial consult, I entrusted Janice with some broad areas to explore, particularly focusing on preparing for birth and addressing my long-standing issues with lymphatic drainage. Throughout my life, I've battled persistent challenges with lymphatic drainage, attempting various modalities such as exercise, massage, and other physical manipulations to rid my body of cellular debris and toxins. Despite my efforts, I continued to struggle with pungent body odor and skin breakouts, finding no success through natural means. Enter Janice, and everything changed. I expected improvement, but I didn't anticipate the remarkable outcome after just two dedicated sessions focused on lymphatic drainage. To my amazement, I left our second session with no more body odor, a significant relief; especially as a pregnant woman in my final trimester when sweating and body odor are common. My husband is particularly grateful, and I can't thank Janice enough for the tangible results she has delivered.  In addition to addressing my personal challenges, Janice extended her expertise to my feline friend, who had been struggling with recurring conjunctivitis. Following a Body Code session with Janice, my cat has not experienced a single flare-up, and I am profoundly grateful for the positive impact on her well-being. Moreover, Janice played a pivotal role in helping me prepare for the upcoming birth of my child. Her guidance has instilled confidence and anticipation in me as I look forward to the delivery and introducing our baby to Janice in the future. In summary, Janice's proficiency in the Body Code has brought about transformative changes in my life, resolving long-standing issues and preparing me for the joyous event of welcoming a new member to our family. I wholeheartedly recommend Janice to anyone seeking holistic well-being and positive life changes. Thank you, Janice, for your exceptional skills and genuine care!"

M.N., Brooklyn, NY

"I started working with Janice in September to help clear my Heart-Wall. There were emotions around abandonment, love unreceived, betrayal, heartache (to name a few). During our sessions she was able to pin point at what age these emotions were trapped and I was able to identify what time period this was in my life and the corresponding event that led to this emotion getting stuck. It took us four sessions in total to clear the emotions around my heart and we're still working on other general trapped emotions. Janice is truly gifted at energy healing. Also easy to trust and share deep, personal experiences with. I'm beyond grateful for the work she has done for me. The healing process can be messy, but with Janice it felt effortless."

T.G., Astoria, NY

"During my session with Janice, we both arrived on time for the Zoom meeting, which lasted approximately 30 minutes. Janice was friendly and easy to talk with before starting the session, which helped me feel more comfortable going into it. We focused on a pain I've been having with a tooth and Janice was able to navigate through multiple emotions that I had trapped, and although I wasn't able to swiftly spot the time/event related to the trapped emotions, I was provided with a print-out of the session so that I could go back and think of what the causes you may have been. Either way though, after the session Janice said I may not have any tooth pain, and by the end of the session my tooth pain was actually relieved. It has been over a week since I had the session and I have not had a toothache since. Thank you, Janice, for the wonderful session! I will certainly be returning back to Janice for an Emotion Code reading and other services she offers. I'm impressed with Janice's skills/craft and highly recommend her."

A.H., Helena, MT

"I had the Emotion Code session done with Janice and it has changed my perception in my everyday life. She was able to tap into the blockages that I had which some turned out to be ancestral. I am happy with the results and will definitely continue." 
"I have experienced a Reiki session with Janice when I was sick and it gave me peace of mind and made me feel at ease. Just knowing that Janice was sending energy for my healing helped."
"I will recommend Janice for any healing. She is kind, gentle, and really listens to you. We have had nothing but positive experiences with the work she has done for me and my dogs." 

R.G., Missoula, MT

"I was a little skeptical before experiencing a Reiki session, but afterwards I felt like a weight was lifted off my chest. I would highly recommend! Prior to experiencing the Emotion Code, I was very skeptical. However, during and afterwards I would highly recommend this for anyone that wants to heal spiritually."

A.A., Nacogdoches, TX

"I came to Janice after I fractured my humerus. The pain was otherworldly and the pain medication gave more side effects than relief. The agony was intense. We set up a distant Reiki session. I was trying to rest and wasn't aware of the time. I was just laying with my eyes closed and suddenly I felt/saw in my mind's eye a gentle violet/purple smokey light decend on me. With it, came a beautiful comforting sensation, a feeling of peace and safety. My mind felt at ease, my heart rate slowed and so did the pain. I will be back for more. I highly recommend you do the same."

M.S., Burlington, WA

"Several Reiki sessions I have felt completely refreshed and full of energy. On two occasions, I have felt energy escaping from my feet during treatments."
"After completion of The Emotion Code..."Increased confidence in myself and more self-esteem."

B.E., Custer, WA

"I have a pet that has a spinal injury and was experiencing some discomfort prior to his sessions. Now he is no longer showing signs of pain while laying down. Very professional and knowledgeable. Energy is everything and this can be so helpful! Janice is so passionate about her practice and genuinely wants to help people."

D.S., Concrete, WA

"After my sessions, I felt relaxed and more at peace with my inner self. The night Janice began her techniques, I was hit with an overwhelming amount of emotions and was able to cry like I had been trying to for years. After that I felt amazing being able to release all that negativity. There were things mentioned in my session that nobody knew about and was spot on!"

N.H., Burlington, WA

"I just finished my sessions and I am excited to see my results. I would highly recommend doing a session!"

B.M., Lewiston, ID

"Janice worked with me on two emotions that were holding me back in my coaching business and money blocks. It took two sessions on each emotion. For the coaching business, the results were that I no longer felt held back to do what I thought was the right thing to do. My confidence definitely grew. For the money blocks, I suddenly started receiving money from all sorts of ways. For example, I got a $3 raise at my job. Hooray! We also did a face-to-face Reiki session as well as distance Reiki. This was during the time that I was trying to get pregnant. I did become pregnant and have a beautiful little girl. My experience after our sessions was always feeling at peace." 

J.M., Lewiston, ID

"I was having some major money blocks, anger from recent major life changes, rehabbing some bad physical amongst a few other things and after my sessions, even remote, I noticed change in pain level +++!"
"I've had Reiki in person and remote. I personally love the remote sessions, being done while not even thinking about it. There have been major waves of energy/clarity/sleephead right after the sessions." 

C.E., Roseville, CA

"After completing Emotion Code sessions, I somehow feel lighter; the sessions seemed to allow a safe space for me to gently confront held emotions, acknowledge them and let them go. Janice is thoughtful, caring, gentle and professional in her practice; I can tell she has a passion for helping others.. we are fortunate to have her!"

M.N., Brooklyn, NY

"I've been stressed to the max lately at work and have been feeling indecisive about finding a new job. I found myself lacking the confidence to execute on the next step to propel me forward, so I booked a session with Janice to have her help me clear my emotions of indecisiveness and doubt. She cleared emotions from my mid 20s and a couple as recent as 30 (I just turned 30 less than a month ago). The morning after my Emotion Code session I felt lighter and more positive. The following day I had an interview that went extremely well and overall feel more calm about making the pivot to a new company. I always have some sort of break through when I meet with Janice, she's so in tune and intuitive. I would recommend her to anyone looking to course correct or make a positive shift in their life."

A.H., Helena, MT

"Janice worked on my three dogs who always barked anytime someone came close, that was just too much. I consulted with Janice and she was able to clear blockages on all of my three dogs and identify some other issues and made us aware of them."
"We are happy to report no more crazy barking at just anything. We are very satisfied with the results." 

A.D., Mount Vernon, WA

"I have been amazed at the transformation it has brought me emotionally. I feel happier, lighter and I know it helped me tremendously during my 11 day cleanse that brought up some big emotions."
"Janice is a wonderful person who is great at what she does. I highly recommend her and looking forward to working with her other modalities in the future!"

K.J., Asotin, WA

"I enjoyed experiencing each of my three Body Code sessions with Janice and got significant improvement of GERD and hiatal hernia symptoms, especially. Janice is an empathetic and skilled healer." 

E.A., Conroe, TX

"One of the things I wanted to work on in my sessions was the blockage I felt I had with reducing clutter in my home. I want to declutter and I have stressed over it for awhile, but was unable to take action on it. I feel that the session removed some of that blockage and I have actually decluttered a few small spaces, which is a great start! I am thrilled to have that progress."
"After experiencing an Emotion/Body Code session, I can confidently say it was a nice experience. Janice skillfully guided me through identifying and releasing trapped emotions and imbalances within my body. Through this process, I felt a sense of release and clarity, allowing me to move forward with greater ease and alignment. I highly recommend this powerful modality to anyone seeking emotional and physical well-being."

R.B., Carlsbad, CA

"I think this is a wonderful healing modality and totally recommend it as a way to process stuck and/or harmful emotions in our body and mind."

A.H., Berlaar, Belgium

"Janice is an angel. I felt so much love, kindness and authenticity in her sessions. I have had three sessions of the Emotion/Body Code. It already has changed so much in my body and in my patterns and feelings. The energy is amazing and out of this world. If you are looking for the right person at the right time, she is the best. I feel so much more at peace and also the way I'm reacting to people is changing. My body and soul feel so much more energy and in balance both physically and mentally. My emotions are also balancing. It works in all ways, whatever it is that you feel that needs your attention, you can just release it with her help. She is my number one. I will recommend her to everyone. It doesn't matter how impossible it seems, she is just doing amazing work and getting outstanding results."
"Thank you,  Janice, for these session! My back pain, pelvic pain, and headaches are now gone."
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